Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chickadee purse plus clutch

I finally finished the Chickadee purse that someone ordered to give as a gift. It is the same as the prototype except that I added some iron on interfacing to the body of the purse to give it more structure. I also decided to add a matching clutch. It closes with a button and elastic loop (hair tie).

I also made some hang tags and tied one on with ribbon.

And, some new packaging!


  1. I love the matching clutch! And the packaging and presentation is adorable! Nice thing to look at on a Monday. Good job friend.

  2. I LOVE this purse! It's the perfect size! I use the clutch to hold my receipts so I can keep track of them before I put them into my bookkeeping program! Unfortunately, my lipgloss stained the clutch so now it's kinda pink, but well loved nonetheless. AND..I have gotten lots of good compliments on it.