Monday, November 23, 2009

Purse Size Margaret Bag

Last weekend I made two purse size Margaret bags. I used the pattern from Oh, Fransson!, but shrunk it and made some adjustments to the other measurements to make it a purse. I was able to fit 2 on the 1.25 yards I bought for the large size bag. I used home decor fabric and only used one layer of interfacing instead of all the layers the pattern calls for. This worked fine since the fabric was thicker and saved some money!
Here is a comparison of sizes of the purse size and the shoulder bag size.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Crochet Grocery (or Anything) Bag Giveaway!
Due to the small response to this giveaway on the first time around (i.e. the only comments were from my two close friends), I have decided to extend the deadline for comments until December 2. Of course, Andrea and Jenni will still be in the running to win the bag. Plus, for being so patient, they will both get a special gift (yet to be determined :))! So, if you want this bag to be your own, just leave a comment and let me know how you will use it!

As you can see, I decided to fill my bag with yarn, but you could use it for groceries, or anything else you can fill it with. It doesn't take up much space, so is easy to carry around and use instead of plastic when shopping. If you want this bag for your own leave a comment saying how you will use it. On November 22, I will draw a random number and announce the winner!

I made this bag following this tutorial from the Purl Bee. Instead of linen, I used cotton. The best part is that it was from thread I already had! My husband's grandmother got me an entire bag of crochet thread from an auction. When she gave it to me a couple of years ago I wasn't really doing any crocheting with thread, but have since done a few things. I found one skein of this thread and started the bag, soon to find out that the one skein would not be enough. Shortly thereafter, I found out that this exact line of thread is not made any more! How lucky was it that I dug down in the stash and found another skein of the exact same thread!?! It worked out perfectly!

Another funny coincidence - I decided to put some smaller skeins of yarn in the bag for picture taking purposes, only to see that one of those had a label with a pattern for a very similar bag!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

6 to go

I my postings have been few and far between recently. I was gone to Hawaii for work, then my parents came to visit, and then we went to the in-laws' last weekend, so my crafting time has been limited. However, I did get some crocheting in on the 6 hr car ride. Unfortunately, a lot of it was in the dark, so I didn't get to use all 12 hours for crafting. I am now down to 6 skeins of yarn left for Mom's blanket that I am trying to get done for Christmas. Sadly, that means that I have only gone through 1 1/2 skeins since my last post about it in August. The longest side in this picture is actually the width, so I hope the yarn I have left will be enough!

The good news...I did finish a project over the weekend and I will be posting it soon. I think I will do a giveaway, so be sure to check back soon!