Monday, March 22, 2010

Chickadee purse

I usually just name my purses after the person they were made for. But, this one is a surprise and just in case, I decided I better come up with another name. Chickadees are kind of black and white like this purse so...

Well actually, this exact purse is not for someone else, it is for me. Every time I come up with a new design I have to try it out first to make sure it comes out how I am envisioning it. The second time is always better because I figure out what I should do to make it better. So, I will be beta testing this one.
This time I used rings to connect the handle.
It is lined with satin, has a magnetic snap closure and a decorative silver button.


  1. Oh this purse is even more beautiful in person! Great job friend.

  2. Oh wow. This looks fantastic! It's so perfect I would expect it to be straight out of the factory and lining the shelves at Express, Limited, and the likes. Good work, sis!

  3. haha I could be chickadee - like a Wendy Bird!