Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hand spun, knitted, suede-bottomed slipper socks for dad

I spent a lot of time spinning yarn this winter for this project.  Here is a pile of approximately 70 yards of hand spun yarn.  The slipper socks ended up using a little over 230 yards of yarn.

My dad bought me a spinning wheel and two fleeces last year for Christmas.  He wanted a sweater, but I wasn't quite prepared to jump straight into a sweater yet, so he settled for some knitted slipper socks with suede bottoms.

I ordered the correct size of suede bottoms at my local yarn shop and found a pattern for plain stockinette stitch socks in about the same size yarn as my hand spun on Ravelry.  Then I found a pattern for the open cable pattern, converted it from straight needles (back and forth) to circular, and incorporated it into the sock pattern.  They were pretty quick to knit except for the fact that I had to stop every few inches to spin more yarn!  I had no idea how much it would take, so I just kept spinning about 30 yards at a time until I was done.

I just finished last night, so I haven't had a chance to send or take them to my dad, so I had to have my husband model for me!