Sunday, September 13, 2009

More team spirit

My husband was jealous of the Nebraska koozy I made for my friend so I had to make one for him too. His friend wanted an Iowa koozy so this will be going out in the mail soon. A few more are in the works too.

I learned several lessons from this project:
1) Fusible webbing makes applique so much easier.
2) Related to #1: Even though I often think that I'll just skip a step (like using fusible webbing) to save time, it usually makes it harder, more frustrating, and ends up taking even longer.
3) Hand stitching is not actually the worst thing that I could ever have to do (like I previously thought).
4) Practice makes you better at things (like hand stitching - don't get me wrong, I am no pro, but I am a little less bad now that I have done it a few times).

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