Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another dog vest expansion

I got a referral! Well, okay, maybe someone I know through my friend who I did the previous dog vest alteration for was there when I handed over the finished product and later asked me to do the same for her. But, I'm just telling myself that word is getting around about my excellent craftsmanship! Regardless, here is the second doggie vest expansion. I used some blue fabric from my stash that happened to match quite well and pieced together some scraps of cotton batting for the lining. I had to remove the velcro and move it slightly to fit the fabric that I had, but I think it will be okay since it will be on the under-side of the dog!


  1. pretty soon you will quit being a GC and be a full time crafter!!

  2. I totally made that referral :) Brittany and I now consider Jamie our expert dog clothes tailor!