Friday, February 8, 2013

Black and white yarn scarf

Remember this post when I started with wool from two different sheep, one white and the other black and then made some black, white, and grey yarn?  Well, look what I finally made with it!

Here are the two different piles of raw wool:

I separated the dark wool into black, dark grey and medium grey, then mixed white and medium grey to make light grey, and used some plain white.  I made a bunch of rolags and spun them into a big bulky yarn.
Here are some rolags:

This was a long time ago!  It was probably in August of 2011.  I just couldn't decide what to do with the yarn.  I tried knitting with it, but it was too bulky and not lofty enough so it made a stiff, bulky fabric that was not working out no matter how big of needles I used.  So, it sat and sat until I saw someone at work with a yarn scarf just joined by zip ties!  I decided that would be a perfect way to use this yarn.  But, I used yarn to tie it in 3 spots instead of zip ties.

The black wool is a little coarser than the rest and makes it a little scratchier than I would prefer, but I am pretty sensitive to wool and I can wear it all day close to my skin with minimal annoyance.  I had just enough yarn for two, so one is going up for sale in my etsy shop.

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