Sunday, August 2, 2009

Business cards and fabric card holder

I got the design for my blog banner and for my Etsy store from iluvdesign's Etsy shop. Also included were designs for business cards, bag toppers, rubber stamps etc. I printed off some business cards and put them in my new business card holder that I bought from baffinbags's Etsy shop. They are both great!


  1. So cute! Do you think you could make one of those? hey, also, are you going to try purses? My mom likes fabric purses, she thinks leather is too heavy. She has gotten a Vera Bradley and likes it. Maybe I could commission a purse for her for Xmas!

  2. I do think I could make one and was hoping to try! I am definitely planning to try my hand at some bags or purses too, after a few other projects I have in the works. I'll have to post about some examples I want to try!

  3. These fabric business card holder looks beautiful. different colors makes these fabric business card holder unique. one you shared here is looking beautiful.
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