Friday, March 16, 2012

Koozies and coffee sleeves

Here are a bunch more koozies and coffee sleeves I made a while ago and never posted.  The coffee sleeves are all hand-spun wool.  The blue one is dyed with food coloring, the other two are natural wool color.


  1. Please please can you post the pattern. Im a newby and have been looking for these patterns....thank very much in advance

  2. Hi Tami, thanks for your comment. If you are looking for the patterns for the can and bottle koozies, I have them for sale on Ravelry ( and on Etsy ( If you are interested in a pattern for the coffee sleeves, I can make one and post it here. I have probably not made any of them exactly the same so far, so don't have a set pattern, but could come up with one.