Saturday, November 20, 2010


Here's a little photo tour through my most recent spinning:

1) First I spun the single ply yarn.

 2) Then, I wound it onto the niddy noddy to see how much I had spun (43 yards).

3) See how charged it is? It is all wound back on itself and kinky.  It needs to plied in the opposite direction as it was spun to even it out.

4) Then I wound it into a center pull ball to get ready to ply it.

 5) Here it is on the bobbin after it has been plied (2 strands twisted together).  In this case, I plied it onto itself.

6) It isn't nearly as charged anymore, but it still needs to relax a little. (now it is 21 yards)

7) This is just a better picture of it at the same stage twisted into a skein.

8) Here it is after being washed with Kookaburra wool wash and hung to dry.  It is all set, soft, and clean now!

9) Final product: 21 yards of double ply 7 wraps/inch natural wool yarn from my first fleece.


  1. So beautiful, friend!

  2. I think we need to see pictures of this craft room coming together!!!